In my career, I have worked on understanding audiences and telling stories across channels to meet goals. Below is a small sample of projects I have driven to success.

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Telling stories with data to generate awareness

I discovered, developed and promoted stories based on insights from aggregated user data, product news, analyst content and customer success data. My stories were localized and distributed by regional marketing teams around the world.


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Adapting content for demand generation

I practiced efficient content production and repurposing. While working on the marketing plan for an analyst report, I realized the content would adapt perfectly as an interactive quiz for demand generation efforts. I worked with a design agency to adapt the “TEM Maturity Model” into a static infographic, and then worked with field marketers and an interactive agency to create the quiz.

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Humanizing business through storytelling

I directed a series of bylines exploring customers’ perspectives on their work. The pieces drew accolades from management for their effectiveness at humanizing travel and expense management. The posts also drew readers to the new Concur Newsroom.

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Creating useful content for audiences

As part of the social media team, I streamlined the content production process as a project manager while helping strategize and create content for the business traveler and travel manager audiences.

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Writing for media pickup

I wrote several high-profile news releases at Concur, but my proudest moment was when a quotation I worked on pulled through in international trade media coverage.


Communicating internally about brand standards

I worked on a brand standards site for Concur. I collaborated with channel owners to create pages on best practices and how to request support. 

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Personal marketing thought leadership

I share my own perspectives on marketing and how it should work to get the best results for businesses while providing the best experience for audiences. I enjoy thinking holistically about marketing, positioning, branding and customer experience in my spare time and write about it.

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