About this blog. And me!

My name is Dwayne Alicie — welcome to my blog!

I initially started this project to talk about my experience as a non-traditional student.  At 33, with a couple of semesters at the University of Virginia and about 13 years of work experience under my belt, I went back to school at City College of San Francisco and have since finished my BS in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing at San Francisco State University.

I’m now 38, and my zeal for the next phase of my career has grown. I love marketing, public relations and communications, and so this blog will veer in that direction.

Most importantly, I hope you take time to read my posts, get something out of them, and leave comments, if you so desire.

You can find me on twitter and linkedin. I love new friends.

Looking for a marketer to add to your team?

I’d love to help you build legions of loyal advocates for your brand.

Visit about.me/dwayne_alicie to see my experience and what I have been up to around the web.

Thank you for reading!

4 Comments on “About this blog. And me!”

  1. […] One of those people is our new friend Dwayne Alicie. […]

  2. char1965 says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post as a non traditional new student myself you put my feelings into words. I am thinking of writing my blog for school about losing my job, moving and going back to school.

    • I’m behind you 110% on that! The great thing about writing about your personal experiences is that it sometimes leads to a deeper understanding of them — not to mention that you get to share your insights with others! Can’t wait to read your work. Cheers!

  3. Dwayne, you nailed it! Thank you for taking time to blog this great brand experience I had. Yes, I’m now a Virgin America customer for life! 🙂

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